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Organizing the Seminar on eSports and internet game streaming

In order to gather feedback and continuously direct our research towards relevant topics around eSports, we work hard to generate and maintain conversation between the researchers and the game and media industry in Finland. One of our tools for doing this is to host eSports related seminars biannually, where we introduce the recent findings from the research, welcome any feedback on the research and also introduce interesting topics and presenters from the area of eSports.

The first of these eSports and internet game streaming seminars was held in Helsinki in cooperation with one of our project partners YLE in September. This first seminar was planned to act as an introduction to the project and our initial findings, and also provide an introduction to eSports and eSports related activities in Finland. The seminar was also structured so, that the participants would have an opportunity to discuss and elaborate on specific topics around eSports at the seminar and network with other participants and our researchers during the event.

The overall planning and organizing of the seminar was greatly supported by our project partners and active members from the field of eSports. The introduction to eSports and eSports broadcasting was provided by presenters from the Finnish eSports Federation (Erkka Jouste) and YLE (Juha Lahti), and the research panel and the workshops at the event were supported by our research project team and Mikko Meriläinen from Pelikasvattajien verkosto.

Overall the event received a remarkable amount of interest. It was fully booked in less than three days and gathered together a wonderful mix of game industry professionals, investors, media professionals and students, among others. This seminar also provided us with a good understanding of what we should present in our next seminar and how to approach it.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the seminar and helped to organize it!

You can find video recordings of the talks from this previous post.